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Charlie Landsborough Born in Wrexham, Wales, Charlie Landsborough was the youngest of 11  children. Soon after he was born, his mother (Aggie) moved the family  back to Birkenhead after the World War II bombing raids. He was  reared by the docklands of Birkenhead near the dumps, railway lines,  coal wharf and oil factories.   He left school early and worked intermittently as an apprentice  telephone engineer, on the railways, and in the flour mills before joining  the army. He left after four years, in the early 1960s, and joined a  group, The Chicago Sect, in Dortmund, Germany. Returning to England,  he married, played in local bands, and worked in a variety of jobs  before becoming a teacher at Portland Combined School on Laird  street, Birkenhead. Read more about Charlie here
Michele Monro
Michele Monro has been a very loyal supporter of family radio 1 and annually hosts this station for us , Michele is the daughter of Matt Monro. She continues to to keep alive the memory of her Father and his wonderful music. See Micheles interview and hear her podcast here 
Dene Michael (Mr Agadoo) Dene Michael and Mike Ellis P.h.D (station founder and director) have been friends for many years now. Dene who now hosts a Saturday evening show on Minster fm was once the lead guitarist in the 80’s party band Black Lace. Dene has supported Mike in every venture and also released a charity single with the kind permission of another of our dear friends Charlie Landsborough. The single is available on itunes and all proceeds go to Charity. Buy what colour is the wind HERE
Vince Tracy “I have known Vince for more years than I care to remember and all throughout he has been the consummate professional, always striving for perfection in his chosen field of entertainment. His life story is one not to be missed nor is his wonderful sense of humour! I feel blessed to have him as a loyal friend Be very blessed Vince.” Mike Ellis. Ph.D Hear Vince Tracys  Podcasts here
Dear Friends of ours
Dear friends of ours