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Family Radio 1 is an online radio station focused on family, fathers, mothers, grandparents and so on, all are viewed as having equal importance in a child’s life. Family Radio 1 is a radio station for YOU! Family Radio 1 aims to grow and develop with the help of your input. This radio station is a family radio station and online community and as such, content is strictly monitored. Founder of Family Radio 1, Mike Ellis Ph.D. created and funds this entire radio station, as well as many other websites tackling issues that affect the family. Mike who has a doctorate in Psychology and Social Work also set up and ran the charity National Society for Children and Family Contact (NSCFC) for over a decade and is well versed in the help and support of those in need. Mike is a father and a very dear friend who’s kindness knows no bounds. Mike’s aim for family radio 1 is to provide good wholesome content that is suitable for the whole family.
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Are you in a band and wish to get airtime for FREE? As long as your content is suitable for Family listening please get in touch and send us your demo and we will make sure it gets onto our latest playlist. Have you got a gig coming up? Get in touch! If you wish for us to include your upcoming gig, festival or concert on our pages, please get in touch at Tell us what you want! Family Radio 1 is a family run broadcaster, and as such we strive to offer you the very best mix of music and content, but if you see or hear something we could do better, then we need to hear about it.
Dene Michael records song for Charity
What Colour is the Wind Dene Michael, Lead Singer of the 80’s Party band Black Lace, Dene has been a long standing family friend and supporter of everything we do, and with the kind permission of Mr Charlie Landsborough, He has recorded What Colour is the Wind. All proceeds go to Charity so grab a copy now.
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