Gary Pucket Podcast After the Union Gap was disbanded, Gary Puckett had modest success as a solo artist, mostly performing and re-recording the band's songs. By 1973 he had essentially disappeared from music, opting instead to study acting and dance and performing in theatrical productions in and around Los Angeles. A comeback tour engineered by music writer Thomas K. Arnold brought him to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1981, and from that point on he became a regular on the national oldies circuit. He has also released some new material, including a 2001 holiday album entitled Gary Puckett at Christmas. In 1994 and 2002 He performed at the Moondance Jam near Walker, Minnesota. As of 2010, He continued to perform live concerts in venues across the U.S., including "package" oldies circuit tours with The Association and The Lettermen. On June 20, 2010, Puckett performed for the first time in Union Gap, Washington, the namesake city of his former band.[8] Puckett is married to Lorrie and they have two daughters, Syd and Michaela; they currently reside in Clearwater, Florida.[9] Bement later joined the oldies act Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids. Chater relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where he worked as a songwriter, and had a minor solo hit in 1977 with "Part Time Love." Wheatbread turned to concert promotion, and Withem returned to San Diego to teach high- school band.
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An Interview with Gary Pucket Vince Tracy interviews Gary Pucket. To listen to this interview click the link below, to download and play later RIGHT CLICK and choose “Save target as...”    Gary Pucket Podcast 
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