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30 years have passed since they first worked together on their hit record Ebony and Ivory.
And now music legends Stevie Wonder, 61, and Paul McCartney, 69, have reunited for another joint project.
They both feature on a track entitled Only Our Hearts, which is from Paul’s new album Kisses on the Bottom.
Ebony and Ivory: Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder are working together 30 years after their hit duet was released
30 years ago: The pair released Ebony and Ivory in 1982
Paul gushed about his joy at working with the Superstition singer, branding him ‘a genius’.
He said: ‘Stevie came along to the studio in LA and he listened to the track for about ten minutes and he totally got it.
‘He just went to the mic and within 20 minutes had nailed this dynamite solo.
Hit single: The song reached number one in both the UK and the US
‘When you listen you just think, “How do you come up with that?” But it's just because he is a genius, that's why.’
After the pair worked together on the 1982 song, it reached the number one spot in both the UK and the US.
Together again: After all this time, the duo feature on a track together for Paul's new album
Their latest joint effort is one of two original compositions on Paul’s latest album.
The record is a collection of standards that the Beatles star grew up listening to.

Ebony and Ivory together again: Stevie Wonder and

Paul McCartney reunite 30 years on, an example to us


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